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Resources for the beginners course

This page is divided in two parts. The first part is general resources for all beginners. The second part contains notes and tips from the beginners course, and links to dances we have been practicing every week.

General resources

Each term we run a beginners course. No experience is required. We cover all aspects of Scottish Country Dancing from the very basic. SCD is a social dance form. You will find that you don't dance with the same partner a lot. Actually, you are encouraged to have a new partner for each dance! So there is no need to have a partner to join our course. Come on your own; come with a friend or come with a group of friends. We can promise you lots of fun!

The course runs for 8-10 weeks, and includes a ceilidh night and a Saturday Social dance. The programme for the social dance is based on the dances covered in the beginners class. The goal is to make you acquainted with the steps of SCD, some of the different forms of dances (round the room, longwise set and square set), and a good number of formations.

This quick start guide is a good reference point when you have joined our class. The videos show you the steps we have been working on. The page on steps and holds is great when you have mastered the basic form of the step and would like to improve.

Notes from beginners course autumn 2023

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