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New to Scottish Dancing?

Scottish country dancing is perhaps the most popular form of folk dancing in the world. Clubs are found from Java to Vancouver, from Moscow to Sydney. The official governing body is the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. Besides it's branches all over the world there are lots of affiliated and independent Scottish Dance groups. We are an affiliated group. For a list of clubs both small and large in continental Europe see Celtic Circle.

What is it about Scottish Dancing that is so attractive?

Its colourful, lively and the music is irresistible. Even if you have two left feet a good teacher can arrange for you to join in and dance with experienced dancers from day one. Ceilidh dancing is like this.

At the other end of the spectrum is Highland dancing which is very technical and physically demanding, and often danced solo. Scottish Country Dancing is somewhere in the middle. As mastery of footwork and intricate figures develops, more challenging dances can be attempted. Reels, jigs and the supremely elegant slow Strathspeys are the main types of dances, but there are literally thousands of dances within these three types.

Normally you dance with a partner in sets of three, four or sometimes more couples. While it is good if there are equal numbers of men and ladies in each set, we are adapt at changing sex when required, so coming with a partner is not absolutely necessary.

Try this website Grand Chain to learn more about Scottish Dancing.

You don't have to be Scottish to be a Scottish Country Dancer!