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"The Dance Instructions list"

This is a list of all the dances for which the club has got full instructions and where (in which book) to find these instructions. The dances are listed in alphabetical order and to find the book with instructions for a dance you click on the appropriate line below. Dances whose name starts with "The" will be listed under the next word in the dance name (e.g. "The Arctic Circle" is listed under A. The same goes for dances beginning with "A", e.g. "A Capital Jig" is listed under "C". Dances starting with a number (e.g. "12 Coates Crescent" are listed under "A". The instructors are in charge of the books. Speak to them if you want to borrow one. Please note though, that a pdf file with full details of the dance and music for "The Arctic Circle" are available through this website.