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Winter dancing:

Mondays from 8th January to 19th March.

Saturday 27th January

Burns supper at Kjelsås Folkets Hus with James Gray and Gregor Borland. The dance programme is now available on the Strathspey Server.

Saturday 10th February

Social dance #3 NB! This is a change of date from the one announced at the AGM and the venue is Oslo Katedralskole. Programme will be posted soon..

Monday 19th February

Memorial Service for Ron Allison

Saturday 10th March

Social dance #4 NB! Again a date change and the venue for this one will be Kulturskolen (Grønland)

Wednesday 21st March

Jean Kvafordt's funeral 14.30 at St Edmund's

Summer dancing:

Mondays from 9th April to 11th June NB! No dancing on 30th April because its our AGM or 21st May because it's 2. Pinsedag/Whit Monday.

Saturday 28th April

Social dance #5 Here is the dance programme...

Monday 11th June

Summer party and last dance before the summer holiday. Here is the dance programme... and remember, it starts at 18.30!

Autumn dancing:

Mondays from 20th August to 10th December.

Saturday 15th September

Social dance #6 and yes, it's live music with James Gray and Sarah-Jane Summers!!! Here is the dance programme...

Saturday 20th October

Social dance #7 at Katta. Here is the dance programme...

Saturday 24th November

Social dance #8 at Katta. (Starting at 19.00 as usual. kr.100 for members, but non-members are also welcome for kr.150.) Here is the dance programme

Monday 10th December

End of the year and Christmas Dance at Lilleaker. Starts at 18.30...


Winter dancing:

Saturday 26th January

Burns supper at Kjelsås Folkets Hus

Saturday 2nd March

Social dance #9 at Katta

Saturday 6th April

Social dance #10 at Katta

Summer dancing:

Autumn dancing:

Saturday 18-20th October

50th Anniversary Weekend. Registration will open on 1st October 2018 for non-members...